Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rainy Wednesday

This evening it was so rainy. Doran and I love the rain so we took our usual walk around the block, this time with a umbrella. What I never realized, however, is that we weren't just taking a walk on normal streets, we were walking on the MOST INFESTED STREETS IN THE WORLD. My family and I recently watched a show called "Infested" on Animal Planet. This show is about these horror stories of people who have been infested by animals and bugs. My coward self may be exaggerating when I say that I think we are infested with WORMS. I understand that worms come out in the rain, but I have never seen so many worms before! I think it is because I usually see them the morning after all shriveled up and dead. These were alive, squirmy worms everywhere! After screaming for half of the walk and refusing to take a step unless the flashlight was shined right in front of me, I started actually enjoying watching the squirmy guys. I didn't pick any up, but I had fun watching Doran play around.

(ignore our crazy faces)

This semester has been great for me! I thought my senior year would be a lot more crazy. Doran is pretty busy though. He is loving being a part of BYU EMS (Emergency Medical Services) the most. I graduate in 5 weeks from Friday! I can't wait to be done with school and move on to bigger and better things. I'm job searching and just enjoying my last semester. Overall life is great. Until next time! :)