Friday, April 16, 2010

Minute To Win It....

There is a new show on NBC called Minute to Win It. Doran and I have only seen it once at my parents house, but it is a really fun show where the contestants are doing simple household games in 60 seconds to win money. All the games are posted online so anyone at home can do them. So for date night tonight, Doran and I decided to play our own minute to win it. We chose some of the popular games and went and got the supplies.

The first one we did was probably our favorite. We had to use a straw to suction up an M&M and balance it on another straw. The pictures explain it all.

We then did "Stack Attack". We had to stack 36 cups into a pyramid and then unstack them and put them back into one pile. It was a lot harder than it looks.

The third game "Penny Hose" required us to grab two pennies that were at the end of panty hose. One penny in each leg. You had to put your arms through and grab the pennies without help from your other arms.

This last one is called "Tipsy". You have to balance 3 soda cans on their bottom edges. You have to open the cans and drink half the soda in order to get them to balance though. This one definitely hurts your tummy....

We played some more but didn't take pictures. It was really fun and pretty cheap. It was a great break from finals. Eh... Finals. We have both been busy studying (well, Doran more than myself). We can't wait until this semester is over and we can move on to the summer and better things. We are doing good though, just busy and enjoying the married life. We definitely have fun with each other, which makes school life so much better. We can't wait for summer, especially for vacations and some sun! It's been extremely snowy and rainy this month. This is the first week it has cleared up. We had a great picnic yesterday and got a little bit of sun to stay on our skin. Hopefully we will get a lot more of that this summer. Well I better get back to studying... or not. :) Have a good day!