Friday, March 26, 2010

Got Eggs?

Doran and I started our Easter celebration a little early this year since we are going up to Smithfield for Easter. We decided to be kids and dye Easter eggs. It was tons of fun. We picked up different kits including Tye Dye and Camo.... The eggs turned out awesome.

The top row of eggs are mine (Jill's). The Bottom row of eggs are Doran's. I think they turned out cute! :) You are never too old to dye eggs.

He got really into it....

I love my adorable husband.


The dark green egg with the face on it is the Carter egg... in honor of my new nephew that was born today! Heather had a new baby boy this morning, little baby Carter.....

So cute and perfect. I can't wait until we get to meet him. Congrats Heather and Ryan and Blake! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is

The past few weeks we have added a few new additions to our apartment. And no... not babies or pets... but pillows and flowers! I love decorating! I've done a couple cute home crafts, added new pillows to our couch, and a new flower by the TV. Here are pics!

Bamboo from Ikea. Super Cheap! :)

Thanks Mom for the cute vase! I love it!

I copied one of my Mom's decorations. I love the way it turned out!

Teal pillow from Tai Pan.. $7! Brown round from Wal Mart $5!

I made this for Relief Society. They needed someone to make the demo so I did it. It was super easy and really fun to do.

We love our tiny apartment and decorations always make it feel a little more like home. This week has been crazy busy with tests... but I think it's starting to slow down. We are as happy as can be and are excited to celebrate our 6 month anniversary on Friday. Hope all is well!