Tuesday, September 14, 2010

San Francisco Anniversary!

For our one year anniversary we went to San Francisco! We skipped two days of school and enjoyed a wonderful weekend in the sun!

DAY 1: San Francisco

On the first day we drove into San Franciso and did the typical touristy things. We rode the trolly, saw the hilly streets, went to the aquarium, went on a boat ride under the Golden Gate bridge, and walked around a lot!

Waiting for the trolly :)

At the aquarium

A very foggy, but beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.

DAY 2:
On our second day we went to Vallejo, CA and went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It was a very fun day full of roller coasters and animal shows. The theme park had a zoo built in so we got to see whales and dolphins and many other shows in between riding fun roller coasters. It was a great day!

That green one was my favorite. We rode it 4 times in a row. Doran didn't enjoy the 4th time so much....

The whale show! We were for sure in the WET ZONE.

Doran loved the birds. They had a bald eagle! It was cool!

We were wet from the wet rides.... :)

DAY 3:

On the third day (our actual anniversary) we drove down to Santa Cruz and went to the beach. This was Doran's first time at the beach (since he was very small) so it was fun to see him run around like a little boy picking up sea shells and playing in the waves. We had a nice dinner on the pier and enjoyed walking around and talking about what had happened 365 days before.

He was so cute :)

At dinner :)

I love him.

The trip was wonderful! I've loved the first year of our marriage and I'm excited for all of the years to come! Doran is such an amazing husband and I feel lucky every day to be with him. Marriage is amazing! I can't wait for the rest of our lives together!